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VenusodiO is a brand presenting the revival of icons of the past by giving them a modern and innovative design.

Our products meet highest quality requirements. They have been created with plenty of passion, love and commitment, thus developing exceptional masterpieces, all manufactured on the basis of elaborate handcraft combined with a unique and distinctive design.

Experience products of timeless elegance and beauty, which have been handworked and processed just like precious musical instruments!

Live your music !

We do not build High Fidelity Amplifier.
We do build music instrument for your living room.

The music instruments

Symbiose Quadrat

Dual mono full tube hi-end hi-fi amplifier.

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Symbiose Classic

Dual mono full tube hi-end hi-fi amplifier.

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Tubes from Sophia Electric

The Princess of the audio tubes.

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Technical consultancy

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Individual design

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Direct delivery

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Replacement of tubes

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Listening Session

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Offer yourself a unique music experience

About us

Julien Vittorini

Managing Director - Electronics Development

I design the sound of our musical instruments without compromise and with refinement. I build electronics with passion and care.

Manuela Bossert

Design, construction, sales and marketing.

With attention to detail, I draw the design of our music instruments. I build the chassis with the precision of a goldsmith.


Dear Customers,

you have now the possibility to make an appointment with us at our locations for a listening session.

If you want to listen to our products at home, we can organize a listening session at your place too.

We are looking forward to meet you again,

With passion,

Manuela and Julien.

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